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Spmeone asked me: "or maybe heaven and hell ( so called) and what it was like to live in the 60's and hitchhike cross country and smoke grass and stuff like that. also, i would like your views on the death penalty."


What I found neat about the spirit of the Sixties was the willingness of total strangers inviting you into their lives on a equal level regardless of race, color or creed, we were all brother and sister and then there was the establishment, the man, that part was scary. Step out of line, the man come and take you away. (from a song of the Sixties.)


The music was great, the Beatles, Bob Dillon, Grace Slick and the Jefferson AirPlane, the Mama's and the Papa's, so many songs, Jimi Hendrix, so wild. These were new songs that kept coming out from all these bands and groups, Pink Floyd, The Wall, The Grateful Dead, we had new songs weekly and they were all so good, Chambers Brothers, The Time has Come Today, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, there were so many.


We had the music in our heads and the weed in our body, this plant that is listed as a anti-seizure drug, it does not have the side effects, Dilantin has the side effects, the people voted twice, two years in a row to approve medical marijuana and the legislators did nothing. We were denied our vote. Those who fought for our rights, some have died fighting for our rights, better think again, if we vote and approve something and it is ignored, not once but twice, isn't that nulling out our soldiers who fought so bravely so that you and I could vote?


This was not in the Sixties, this was in the Seventies... The Sixties were traveling around and meeting others, seeing how extensive life on the road was, love-ins nationwide, make love not war, the youth are rebelling, blow minds, make a statement, War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things. My entire gripe is that we humans should be capable of having a nicer world, for our children's sake if nothing more. We a female becomes pregnant, we want the baby to be born in a good, intelligent, well run and fun world?, do we not? Hell yes. Fact is I don't want to be on a planet, I don't want a body of meat, raw meat. I want to be a form of energy that has the capabilities of variable frequencies so that I may have more options.


Hitching in the Fifties and Sixties was a good way to get around the country, the world for that matter, it made sense that if someone was going somewhere to pick you up, when we had a 1958 VW MicroBus that I paid $300. for, we played share with all we met, it was the most interesting times. Driving from Phoenix Arizona to Lanham Maryland in 1972 and then later in a 69 VW Bus, we picked up loads of hitchhikers, every time we picked up a hitchhiker, we lost 10 miles hour from the added weight and a 36 horsepower engine. A bunch of us tried to spend the night in a city park in Needles Arizona in July, Yuma runs 20 to 30 degrees hotter than Phoenix and Phoenix is plenty hot in the summer. First off it was really hot and sweaty in that park, no place to bathe or take a shower, dirty clothes, flying bugs darting around the park lights. It was just a hot night.


Another time we were driving from Phoenix to New Orleans and Jasmine and I picked up up a couple of hitchhikers from Brooklyn N.Y., they were hitching in the snow outside of Tucson Arizona. They went to New Orleans with us but stayed and when we returned we started a 2 couple commune in a ghost town named Ruby Arizona, it was an old mining town, big slag heap of white sand next to town, we made love in the sand.


The Sixties are the best memories I have, they were freedom and sharing, I'd like to see them come back with the same spirit, also the music would be nice.


A society that is lost would have a death penalty because they are too ignorant not to have one. Kill, kill, oh what fun, buy the kids a GI Joe Doll so they can get in the mood.


This post is totally unedited, even unread for the second time after typing and that is because I am falling asleep almost at the keyboard which isn't as bad as falling asleep behind a steering wheel.


I want to die like my grandfather, quiet, comfortable, never a wimper or fear, he died in his sleep, bless his heart, I do not want to die like his passengers, screaming and crying.


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i was born in november 1962 so i 'MISSED" truly experiencing the 60's like you did. i have heard many stories, but to hear the nostalgic way in which you described it makes me wish i was old like you!!!! lol



thanks for sharing

kim thankyou.gif

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Hi Kim,


I've been out experiencing all sorts of things, deep depressions, glorious highs, in-between, one thing I have noticed, in my depression if I fight it with my mind and don't pop a pill or take a drink, I actually gain, I come out of it a bit stronger that when I went in because I have some new understanding. Thank you, you've been missed, this organization is very good and helpful to all of us who have stroked. I can run, not real fast yet but getting there, we should not knock strokes too much, it would have been an excellent way to have left the planet, so to speak. : + )


Life is a trip. Live long and prosper,



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