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The Death Penalty




It's kind of difficult for me to have a hard conclusion on the death penalty, it's something that my mind does not fully understand. It does not sound like a good idea on the surface but if the crime is strange enough, not only have a death penalty but we should vary our ways of execution.


For someone who was a shooter, use them as a target, use real ammo.


A rapist, cut their sex organ out and let them bleed to death in a bucket, once they go into shock, they will all of a sudden become happy, happy to be leaving such a dump as planet earth, planet terror, planet caca.


Actually we each are under a death penalty in a manner of speaking and I would not have it any other way, don't really know when our turn to die comes, we know it's coming, we don't know when, could be in a minute, could be an hour. In any event welcome it when it does, leave with a smile on our face, that releases endorphins.


Just the thought of humans killing one another is sickening, that is a person committing capital punishment on another... no one has the right to end another persons existence but it's being done all the time, watch 1000 cows being marched up a ramp to be killed and cut up, when you understand that all life has the same rights, we eat air and water until we become.


Wrong planet, the planet I wanted to visit doesn't have a death penalty, neither are there others who become the executioner, the world is many steps up from where Earthlings are and by the way, there are no automobiles. Landlords seem to be in short supply, in fact there are none, each life form has an equal area by right of being.


I need to edit a few posts including this one, well let's see.




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Good morning Rod,


After much thought and consideration on your topic, I must post my thoughts on the death penalty. I do agree with you wholeheartedly on the fact that those who do the shooting should be used for target practice and those that rape should have their sex organs cut out very slowly I might add with a dull knife.


I must ask your indulgence on one minor vice though. Please allow me my steak. smile.gif


Have a good day.



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this post is dichotomous. now i am REALLY confused about your thoughts!!! maybe i wasn't meant to understand them. however, still interesting views, as usual. thanks for sharing, as always.







kim pash.gif

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