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I made a funny



Jasmine and daughter Melody are cooking dinner this evening, bean and rice burritos with Avacado and tomato. Son Jon had picked the first tomato earlier today and there it lay on the counter next to the stove. We have 6 fairly large plants in wire baskets growing in the rear yard, the people who lived here before us had chickens, some pigs and a donkey. We are Ma and Pa Kettle types but she will deny it.


I pointed to the tomato and said, that's Jon's $150. tomato. Jasmine smiled, usually she frowns when I tell her a thought, we are far apart in the area of philosophy, she is more traditional or conventional, I am a total, hopeless iconoclast. Since our world is so screwed up at the moment and has been for quite some while, like maybe always, we need to examine our system and do something that hopefully brings improvement for life in general or specifically for all humans.



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