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Went to my second meeting.



The second Tuesday stroke support group that I belong to met yesterday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the Hospital that I was a patient in for several months. This was my second stroke group meeting.


I counted 15 people who were there for the meeting, some were survivors and others were caregivers who had came to the meeting. Last month there were 12 people who came.


As I previously mentioned, everyone there looked as if they had a stroke, they said that I didn't.


Good, I feel whole but I still have a hunk of animal flesh to support, when that is gone I will have more freedom, vibrating faster than the pesky human can see, it will be great I tell you.


The April meeting was a talk by a lady about avoiding scams, yesterdays meeting was slated for an open discussion. I had a chance to speak and I did, several of my friends have explained to me that most people, the majority think that I am crazy, they do not understand what I have discovered in my life's journey, yesterday I blew many more minds. Maybe I have one who loves me who understands where I am coming from, for that it is worth it, we need all of the freethinkers we can get. With a lot of work and rewiring our human minds into something useful, one day the earth may turn out nice. This planet could be a nice place for the human species to live, work and play, to have children, grandkids and so on. To reduce the prison population to zero, that would be nice.


I had the nerve to blurt out, "Today would be a good day to die, in fact anytime is a good time to die", some laughed.


I also pointed out that Carl Sagan basically said that all inhabitants of the planet are crew members on space craft, Planet Earth, we should take good care of the planet, it is our home but instead we are bleeping it up and have been for quite some while.

Where is the Intelligence, where is the Peace? Search me.




P.S. I did not begin to live until I accepted my death.


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for what it's worth, I know where you are coming from. you and i are on the same wave length most of the time. people think i am crazy too. also, i LOVE anything carl sagan has ever had to say.


btw, have you ever read "chariots of the god's" by erich von daniken? talk about an open mind. if you haven't, please do. if you HAVE, i'd be interested in hearing your opinion on it.



kim wacko.gif

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you probably had the others wondering i bet.


keep up the good work.





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Hi Charles, I make everyone wonder.


Yes Kim, thank you, no I have not read the Chariots of the Gods, not yet. Something that I read several years ago about Carl Sagan, he liked to smoke pot. Billions and billions of stars. **********

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