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Sunday May 7, 05 Blog



This sure is a strange dimension that I live in, I can't really figure it out or why it exists in the first place. I would not nor do I call living on a planet that great of an experience if you want to know the truth. A friend told me that without all of these strange experience, with no experiences at all, we would have no character so in effect this life is a character generator. That explains a lot. I surely hope that it gets better.


Let's say for instance that we know for a fact that the next dimension, the next leg of our journey through the universe will be much better. I'd want to go now but then I really do want to go now because I am guessing that it will be better and if I'm wrong, I will be really screwed, more depression, can't imagine roasting on an open fire like a chestnut. If anyone in the universe has the power to sentence me to an eternity of being punished then I hope it chokes, it is a piece of sh.. (bleep( in my book. I would get the energy to strike that kind of beast to kingdom come, that would have to be the sickest life form in the universe.


I've had enough suffering as I am sure that those who are alive in this dimension now, those who have paid their dues so to speak, are mature, have understanding, have had enough pain or so it would seem. Stop this planet from spinning, I want to get off, I want to find the absolute truth, I must not be a human again, I want out.


I really do have an angry side, if something, some powerful monster created me to see what fun I could provide, it can kiss my bleep, I've had enough fun as a human to know that I don't want any more. Would you call it love? I would call it a hitleresque act. What will happen next is but a question that I often wonder?


I am going to find a place where it is good to live without being threatened, mark me words.




P.S. This is a link to my great, great grandfather, I recently found out that we are related, my first name is Charles, my brothers middle name is Bradlaugh.





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i believe that we humans all exist in different dimensions in parallel universes for all of eternity. i think that we pass from one to the other without awareness. this is an ongoing cycle. some universes are better, some, worse. when we have those feelings of deja vous, it makes me wonder if somehow all of the dimensions are perhaps connected in some way.


maybe the other dimension where you will travel will be a better one. a place where there is still "rod", but he is something better than human. then when you have a "i have been here before feeling, or i feel like i KNOW you feeling when you meet the jasmine for the first time in the other dimension, that it will be better, yet comfortable to you.


that is my wish for you rod. that your next dimension, will be a better one!!!!!






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