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Settling in



(Originally posted February 28, 2009)


I swear today feels like Christmas. It's so incredibly awesome to have J.J. back home. We've spent most of the day resting, catching up on our very full DVR and holding one another. And I've been reading my binder from rehab, learning how to take care of J.J. He's on seven different prescriptions which need to be administered at different times, resulting in four different times per day at which J.J. needs to be taking something. He's got four doctor appointments next week, two therapy assessments on Tuesday, an appointment with the stroke coordinator at RHI on Friday and blood tests that need to be done before week's end. I still have to track down Dr. Acula about the concern with J.J.'s meds and about his short term disability paperwork that he has had for almost a week now. The tile guy is coming out on Monday to begin the process of working on J.J.'s bathroom. None of J.J.'s clothes fit him (his pants keep falling down) so I need to remedy that very shortly. The kids will be home tomorrow. I'm about to become busier than I ever dreamed. J.J. will get grumpy and frustrated, I'll get anxious and cranky, we'll all feel the strain at some point.


But boy, am I glad to have the opportunity to deal with these issues.


In the ER the night of J.J.'s stroke, I wondered if he'd ever walk through our door again. It's nice to have removed that uncertainty. And to have to share my bed again. And to be able to kiss my husband whenever I want.


God is good.

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i new blogger:


welcome to our wonderful blogging community. from your blogs I understand your husband suffered stroke & you have 2very young children. I suffered stroke at age 34 massive stroke which left me paralysed on my left side. I remember how scared my husband was when I first came home. Things have become smoother at all levels of my life. my stroke made my marriage very strong. my son was just 6 & in 1st grade. now he is in 7th grade & mature young adult. will love to know more about you, jake & your kids.



Asha(now 40 yo survivor)

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