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(Originally posted February 27, 2009)


Will be the big day. I just talked to J.J.'s neurologist (who is awesome and thus doesn't need a nickname). She feels J.J. will be fine to be at home, although she would recommend that I be home with him at all times for the first week to make sure he is safe to be alone. He will not need oxygen therapy, so I don't have to mess with that, thank goodness. He will be receiving Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy on an outpatient basis, so I need to work today to get that set up. She did have a concern with one of the medications J.J. is on, so I'm going to be following up with the cardiologist to see if it is really necessary for him to continue taking the medication. I need to schedule for J.J. to see our primary care physician, his cardiologist and Dr. Acula, unfortunately. I also will be scheduling an appointment for him to see an optometrist who specializes in vision changes after strokes.


I will obviously be very busy!


I am encouraged, though, that even Dr. Awesome Neurologist said that J.J.'s stroke was fairly mild and he should have very minimal lasting impairment. If you get the doctor to say it, you know it's true :)


Okay, I've got to go get my allergy shot and then work on all of the above stuff. My man will be home in 24 hours!


P.S. J.J.'s EKG was repeated yesterday. His ejection fraction (which had been 25%) is now 35%. Normal is 60%, but still, a 10% gain in a week seems pretty awesome.



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