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Settling In



Well, It's about 3 weeks since I moved in to my new house. I'm settling in then today Leons came by for my new furniture for my basement and my new bedroom set. More boxes!!!!!! lol. :lol: . Well this keeps me busy as I have 3600 sq/ft for Bud and I (1800 sqft each floor). I didn't realize the size of this house. :o Oh well, now Bud and I can get lost in this place. :o I got my new bbq hooked up to my natural gas because I love bbqing and don't worry about running out of gas (unless I don't pay the bills :lol: ). Some pics after I cleaned up on the main floor. Not bad for a guy's taste. :lol:


Now off to cleanup the basement




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good morning Bill


glad you are settling in... the house-home looks beautiful... sounds like Bud is having a great time too.. lol.. hope he doesn't get to lost in the house.



hugs Anne

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Nothing like having your own to use and enjoy as you wish. Remember, I know how you and me love to BBQ, so I'm glad you got connected.


The home looks great, you got good taste but watch out for the little lady to make some changes soon.

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house looks beautiful I bet you had your girlfriend's input on it. 3 of you are going to have grand time in the house.




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The house looks lovely. I know that you and Bud and your girlfriend are going to create so many wonderful memories.


You have done a superb job. I am proud of you.



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Bill, I got a propane grill now with an electric frig on the bottom but got to visit Home Depot to buy a small building for the back yard to put it and my charcoal smoker in. I still got the slow cooker too I got from walmart.


I can cook all winter then.

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house looks beautiful I bet you had your girlfriend's input on it. 3 of you are going to have grand time in the house.




Actually Asha, it was my idea. The way I wanted it to be. :)

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bill, the house is beautiful and i know you and bud are going to enjoy it very much. i know you have been real busy unpacking and setting it all up, its a big house. your girlfriend will add the woman's touch too. have a happy halloween, i bet you get alot of trick /treaters now huh. keep bud out of the chocolate, which i'm sure you know that already. thankyou for the pictures too. enjoy the BBQ. i can smell the ribs cooking now,LOL



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Bill: the house is just beautiful.... what a blessing. Only thing is: where are the pics of BUD? I was so looking forward to seeing him in his "Castle" best dog house I have ever seen.

I pray for lots of good health, love and happiness there. You truly deserve this.

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