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A good/bad New Year???



It's been crazy for me since June after my insurance is over. I bought a new house and moved it in October then 2 weeks ago I ended my relationship after a 1.5 year relationship. I guess it wasn't ment. Well now I met a new lady and been talking alot the last 1.5 weeks. I told her my issues and it doesn't matter. :D We are getting together next weekend to meet in person. :) I've settled in my house with Bud so it's great but she lives 2 hours away :( . Oh well but we are going to meet to see how it goes and Bud gets to meet her 8 month old puppy so I'm happy.



Bill aka Budweiser


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sorry about your rekationship. None of us knows rhings as it has happened is it good or bad. we just have to trust in Universe that it is working in your favor even we don;t see it that way. Good luck with your new relationship. say hi to Bud.




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All is not lost and life moves on, hope you make the best of it and do all you can to keep improving from your stroke.

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hi bill, sorry to hear about the relationship breaking up, but you are right it wasn't meant to be. hopefully this new lady will work out better. i bet bud is just as excited as you to be able to play with a puppy. have a great time and let us know how it all goes. good luck. be safe on your trip too.

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