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Hi all


I've been single since January after a near 2 year relationship. I met a lady and everything with my issues were great. I went to her place a visit (2 hour drive) with Bud and she had a young dog. It was great. The main issue is the distance. It was hard for me over the 2 year relationship but I really liked her and she did to. She said she understood my issues but over the first week after I left she was slappy at me. I don't thing she really unferstands me because I look great and my speech is awsome but my problems is understanding. We argued all week and she wells at me and says I dont listen. I told her thats my problem. I listen but dont understand. Well we are not even friends now. I tried meeting new ladies on the computer and it was great but once I explain my stroke, they never talk back to me. Am I wrong if I dont tell them? I'm too honest to people but it hurts me. It's very hard even though I look physically great. Many women want a very good conversation, it's hard for me though. I'm not giving up though!!!!!!!!!!




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Bill, you are young! To me that means you got lots of time to meet, discover, and inspire a lady who has the same mind as you. I look at my marriage now as the best one I had. This is my fourth marriage. I got it right finally. She didn't leave me after my stroke. She quit her job for two years until I was back on my feet so to speak.


I would do the same for her any day. You are a very nice gentleman and good things come to those who wait. Look around, keep your eyes open, your heart ready, the rest will come in due time. Go about your daily tasks and before you know it things will turn your way.


I met my wife at the bank of all places and it was her as a supervisor who stepped up to help one of her tellers handle my banking request. I was trying to send money to another woman I had met to help pay the phone bill where she accepted my long distance calls to her.


If the subject came up I would tell them I had a stroke from a car accident years ago but have recovered in many ways. Leave it at that.


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Just be patient. You are young as Fred says. Good things come to those who wait. People do have a difficult time understanding a stroke. The cognitive issues are very hard to explain. They do become apparent. So yes, be honest and upfront with who every you meet...that is the best policy.




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