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The big day



(Originally posted April 8, 2009)


This is THE morning. At 9:00, we'll be going to the Neuro Rehab Center at RHI to start J.J.'s driving evaluation. Please, please, PLEASE be thinking good thoughts. If J.J. can drive again, it will make everything so much easier. Not to mention that it will go a long way toward making J.J. feel more independent.


Yesterday was another bad day in terms of my mental state. I finally sat down with J.J. after the kids were in bed and told him what I was thinking and what my fears were. He was able to help me calm down since for him, he doesn't have to worry if his cognitive abilities are intact. He knows. And our conversation really helped me--I know he's on his way back to us. He's already come so far. It's not been very long. It'll work out.


Anyway, I don't really have much other news except for the fact that J.J.'s still losing weight. He's at about 94 lbs. gone now. He was telling me yesterday that the seatbelts on the shuttle he's been riding back and forth to rehab are really easy for him to fasten now. And the clothes we bought for him right after he got out of rehab are starting to sag on him again. It's amazing.


I slept in a little more than I meant to this morning since I was up late last night, so I'd better get a move on. I'll definitely report in as soon as we get back from the driving evaluation!


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