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(Originally posted May 26, 2009)


We're home and I've napped, so I may actually make it through the rest of the day. In case anyone was wondering, getting home from vacation then having to get up at 4:00 the next day is no picnic and should be discouraged.


Okay, so J.J. did have a lateral tear of his meniscus that was repaired. What wasn't anticipated is that his gout has spread into his knee and had left a number of deposits behind, so as many as possible were shaved off the bone. This is likely to keep recurring unless J.J. gets on a preventative for his gout, which is counterindicated with the medication he's on for his heart. So I guess he's stuck with the sore knee for now, since heart trumps knee.


They kept him in recovery forever and we didn't get to leave until about 11:30. J.J.'s walking fairly well and has next to no pain. His biggest problem is that the knee is swollen and is hard to bend, so it's difficult for him to get up and down from a chair. Beyond that he's doing really well.


He's lost seven pounds in fluid since Friday, due to the increased furosemide. Now, he'd regained eight pounds so he's almost back where he started. He has a cardiologist appointment with the most highly recommended cardiologist I could find next Tuesday, so hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's going on then.


I'm getting ready to leave to go retrieve the kids and get them back to the house before I leave to go to a work meeting this evening, but never fear; Karen, our wonderful and long-suffering babysitter, will be coming over at 4:45 to keep an eye on everyone while I'm gone


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