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(Originally posted June 4, 2009)


J.J. and I have decided to take a real vacation this year, the first one since we got married, actually. Yes, I know he's on disability and isn't making his full pay, but we've got savings set aside and I absolutely need a break! We have identified a spectacular deal on a 7 night Alaskan cruise, which has been near the top of our "must do" list for a very long time. It even leaves on July 3, which cuts one day off the time I'd have to miss from work! The problem? Airfare to/from Seattle (the departure/arrival port) is almost as much as the entire cruise! Does anyone know of any discount sites or have any recommendations on how we can do this more inexpensively? I'm tempted to just do it anyway, but it really is more than I feel comfortable with...


Sigh. I'll let you know what we figure out.


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