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(Originally posted June 4, 2009)


Dr. Acula the neurologist is out on short term disability. We didn't find out until we had already gone to his office that he won't be back until July. And part of me kind of wondered how his doctor filled out his paperwork. Was it as soul crushing for him to read over as it was for us?


So the neurologist visit is rescheduled to July 15. But J.J. did meet with his new cardiologist today. I'm already liking this guy, since he admitted that J.J.'s previous cardiologist was a complete moron. Anyway, he tweaked J.J.'s medication a little more (mostly dosages and switching from regular to extended release on one medication) and wants to see him back in a couple of weeks once the meds have kicked in to run some more tests. We're starting with an EKG and a doppler and progressing from there as needed. Oh, and J.J. has lost 7 lbs. since Monday. Freak. It took me over a year to lose 100 lbs., so I'm incredibly jealous. Not jealous enough to have a stroke and explore the wonders of this diet plan for myself, though...


I did book the cruise, by the way. We depart Seattle on June 27. Well, assuming we get there. I still haven't booked airfare. I'm gambling that prices may come down a little as we get closer. I'm actually even toying with the idea of renting a car and driving to Denver to catch the flight from there, since it would save us about $300 and Denver's really only about a 12 hour drive. Not sure I'm that ambitious, though...


Now that you know everything I know, I'm going to bed. When I wake up, it will be 22 days until our trip!


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