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And now we're caught up!



Sorry for the onslaught of posts today--but now you're caught up with enough of the story from my other blog to have some idea of what's been going on in our story! From now on, no more days of massive posts, promise!


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wow I finally hace caught up on your life. I am so glad that Jake started back to work. going back to work is big step towards recovery stage of person's life. I tried going back to work for few months but then decided to retire & became stay at home mom it was very hard pill to swallow & I still struggle with it from time to time. but I am determined to make lemonpies from my lemos.




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Erin, thanks for your info. Jake going back to work is is a step toward recovery. Please continue to keep us posted. I am anxious to learn how it goes and am keeping my fingers crossed.

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