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don't ever do that of not going places you used to go before. things will be bit hard at first but then it would become easier & second nature. I have done extensive vacations post stroke. I was 34 at the time, I was not ready to become oldie & rob fun from my family of normalcy post stroke.




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I am going places - maybe not the Cuban place where tables are JAM PACKED - going places just takes more thought and some places just aren't going to be handicapped friendly.

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Sue, When you see people starring at you it is not you they are starring at, they are really seeing themself's. It's

really a forgiveness lesson for them. I acknowledge people by saying a pleasant hello, beautiful day, your blessed.

As for your Cuban place w/jam packed tables, give the owners a opportunity to show how they can show their love

and accommodate you.

Carl my husband ended up with aphasia from his stroke. We were out eating and a woman that sat at the next table leaned over to me and asked me what language my husband was speaking. I responded with English. With a surprise look and a turn away from us I proceeded to inform her he had a stroke and was left with speech deficit. I proceeded

to share with her that it is like a baby learning to talk, as you must be aware of. She thanked me and we finished our dinner.

Keep you chin up. Your a loving Son of God's.


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suz, good for you, i'm glad to see you thinking this way. we need to become part of society again and not hide ourselves away. yes its human nature to look at people different from how we are. as asha said, it does appear tough at first but the more you do something the easier it becomes. it will soon become a piece of cake. your thoughts and worries are justified, until you get comfortable with a certain place. alot of places will try to accommodate you. be sure to get your handicapped placard for your car now. to get better parking. now go out and show the world you are here and are trying. i am really happy for you. keep us updated on all the outings you are doing and how well you are getting around now. there is a walker called a rollaiter that lets you walk then pull the seat down to rest if you need to. i think its not as bulky as a regular walker. you might want to look at those too. then you can really go shopping,. LOL

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I reread your entry and I realize that you are not sitting inside you are stil trying to go out and still have fun even when it is hard & not as easy like before. I am so happy for you. I think being young works in our advantage. I remember never to give in to something I can't do because of my disability. agreed I don't do skiing & other things which I never did before just for the sake of challenging myself. you go girl keep on conquering new hurdles in life.




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