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Too Long Gone

Wesley H.


It has been close to 3 months since the last time I let my mouth run rampant here! So, what


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Wesley I am glad you are still thinking! I wonder sometimes if you ignore the fact that you were once an on-the-edge survivor if you lose some of the humanity that facing some of your own feelings about mortality brings.


I have great admiration for the way you have approached your recovery in such a common sense way and have really made it your life's work to get the most out of your body in terms of recovery. I know that you are able to look back at what you have achieved and feel good about it.


Keep up your blog for the sake of the newbies looking for a role model. You have a lot to offer now as a mentor.




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thanks for detailed update about your life. I am so happy chips are all falling in right places, and you are enjoying your back in work environment. I knew you will do well in all areas of your life. your personality shines through your blogs. I hope your family & mom all are doing well. enjoy your thanksgiving break. We all have so much to be still thankful in our life.




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