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December 3, 2009

Wesley H.


A recent blog entry from Katrina has had me doing some serious evaluation of my life post stroke. First of all;


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I understand exactly what you mean. I had my own bowling Pro Shop inside a center. I miss drilling balls for others to bowl and I miss bowling in Leagues myself. My wife will not bowl now because I can't. I try and talk her into bowling on a league again but she say no way.


The life as we once knew it may never come back but thank God I have made the adjustment to where I am now and relish what I accomplished before my stroke like you. Really I did about everything in a short period of time that take most bowlers a lifetime to accomplish.


You have accepted your stroke and now enjoy living, family living and fun together.

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Wesley, not everyone is going to get back what they lost. It is a sad fact that for some the damage was wider and deeper, more mobility lost, most not able to be regained with any amount of effort.


Some , like my Ray, have had multiple strokes. With Ray the gains made by lots of exercise etc were really good after the 1999 strokes, remarkable really, but the next stroke in 2001 knocked him back a lot and his fitness was lower and even with exercise the gains smaller and the 2005 stroke was the capper, little regained, out of balance, more mental and cognitive problems etc.


I guess the answer is to take nothing for granted. You have made great strides toward regaining what you had lost. Bravo! But for some that was not possible. So enjoy the life you have and retain compassion for those to whom returning to work etc was never an option.



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Great attitude. I believe it's all in how you look at it. I've always tried to think of it as....I was given 41 years to experience much of the wonderful things life has to offer in perfect health, many are born with afflictions and are not are not even given that luxury. Post stroke we can still experience life to the fullest ~maybe the parachute should stay in the attic but it's far from bingo time yet~ if we work hard and persevere there is still a whole world in between left to experience and enjoy.



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I love your attitude towards life. I feel with that attitude you are still able to enjoy rest of the post stroke years. I like to feel I am also doing the same though I did not go back to work but we felt financially there was no need to push myself and risk other health risks. So I decided to raise my son.




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