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The 70's



Would I go back to the 70's? It's hard to explain what it was like in that era to my son and his friends, especially without embarassing myself. His Mom wasn't all that mature back then nor did I make the best decisions.

I was talking to my son this morning...saying that he'd better brace himself for when/if he has kids. Because his dad and I have tried our best to tell him our mistakes and how to avoid the problems associated with making bad decisions. I warned him that his kids probably will be rebellious and ignore his admonitions he might give to them to give them the benefit of his knowledge. But, I guess that's the nature of the beast...kids will ignore what Mom and Dad will say and do the school of hard knocks themselves. A friend told me to wait till he's 30. By God's grace I'll make it that long....

This same friend wrote about the 60's... I was in my 20's during the 1970's.

I can't speak for my whole generation, only for my experience . Marijuana smoking was as common as beer is today. The sexual revolution had exploded and anything went. Thank God it wasn't on the Aids scene yet.

Music was the main 'opium' for my generation...and it was the thing to do to go to a concert which was usually outside. Being able to name having seen the big name groups was/is a feather in your bonnet.

Hitchhiking was as common as washing your hands. I had no idea the potential danger I placed myself in with all the risky things I did 'back then'.

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the seventies were the happiest years of my life. i love the way it's so retro now to emulate the 70's. when i wear these "new" seventies clothes, i always think about when it really WAS the seventies!!!!!


my 14 year old and i can swap clothes, it's TOTALLY cool. but, probably not as cool as the sixties.



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