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November 28, 2009....Saturday



We went to the pool at 10:00AM this morning. THe swim lessons had been cancelled, because of Thanksgiving. This means that we got our walk in the water done early. We were fiinished by 11:30AM.


Next we went to the library to return some CD's that I had borrowed. I also had to stop by CVS to pick up a new mop.


Well, we were starving by this time. So Whataburger, here we come. William and I ordered and ate in. William had a vanilla milkshake with his lunch. He loves Milkshakes.


We decided to go home and rest and watch TV. We are so happy that we have direct TV.


I ordered an electric exercise mini cycle on overstock.com. This is a foot pedal exerciser that will run electrically. I hope that William likes it. It will be his early Christmas present. I read some of the reviews and it sounds like this will work well for William.


I gave William an extra 10mg Lisinopril this morning and it brought his blood pressure down.


Left over turkey for this evening. I bought another can of cranberry sauce. William loves the stuff.




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