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Sunday...But, no Sunday school



William is still sleeping. We are usually at church now. But, William had a very restless night last night.


It seems that he was up every hour or two. So, now he is sleeping.


I shall let him sleep. WE don't have Sunday school today. Too many people are out of town for the holidays.


We will be going to the pool at noon. I am trying to build up William's stamina.


The blood pressure was perfect this morning. that extra 10mg lisinopril is doing the trick.


I had just posted a topic on travel and pre-stroke life. I will ramble through some of that now. People assume that life will be the same. But ,they have no idea how life has changed.


William really wants to travel again. But, I just don't want to go thru the stress and work that will be required of me to take William. Noise and crowds are not easy to deal with. I could practice at the mall during this Christmas season. That is place filled with noise and crowds.


I think that a car trip would be the easiest type of travel to start with. I will need to find out what type of handicapped rooms are available at motels. I was told to check them out before checking in, Make sure that the bathroom is handicappedready and that a shower chair is available.


Well, I am waiting for William to get up so that we can go to church.



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I have travelled extensively post stroke, but I don't need any special accomodation. I think travelling by car seems like good thing to start & make a goal of walking few feets with minimum assist every day.




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