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Motorized mini bicycle



The motorized mini bicycle arrived today. This is a little pedal machine that is motorized. I had purchased one that is manual. It was too much work for William. This motorized one has William excited. He used it for two 15 min. trials. That means 30 min of cycling. This is absolutely fantastic.


This will work on the assumption that moving the leg helps. Sometimes WIllima can help the machine and push. But, if he gets tired the machine moves the legs.


The clinical trial that we want to get into is trying to see if regular PT or robotic manipulation of the leg will bring function back.


The motorized bike will help the circulation in the leg.


We did have an appointment with the cardiologist and and had a med change. Now we should have great readings.






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that's excellent idea and purchase money worth spending. with all your joint efforts William will be able to do more for himself.




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