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Better late than never



:ChristmasTree: :santasmiley: :fireplace: :reigndeer: Tis the season. I tried to cajole William into swimming today after I got off work, but he would not have anything to do


with it. So I settled down to veg out in front of the TV. At 7:45PM William announces that he is ready to go to the pool. Well, I say yes


let's go. We get there at 8PM. I ask how long they are open. They close at 8:30M. That gives us 25 minutes. So, we put in a mighty effort.


We drive around the neighborhood on the way home and admire the Christmas lights.


Earlier in the day I insisted that William peddle the motorized mini bike for 30minutes since he would not go swimming. I am shocked that he


agreed to go to the pool later in the day. We are watching TV and William is bugging me about when he should go to bed. I say there is no


need to go to bed so early. I have the day off tomorrow. But, William says that he is tired and needs to sleep. I say goodnght and give him


his sleeping pill. he insists on taking a sleeping pill at bedtime.


I was doing the Kent state study for caregivers and strokesurvivors. This study wanted to test the despression on both caregivers and


stroke survivors. We did two of the questionairres. But on the last one, William just couldn't take the questions. They ask how much and how


often and to what degree you feel depressed. They ask the same question in a number of different ways. Just thinking about those questions


made William feel depressed. He did not finish the last set of questions. The questions take about 30 minutes to finish.


Later I had a psychologist call to make sure that everything was OK. She said that maybe William was not ready to deal with those issues


yet. William said that he tries hard not to dwell on depression and suicide. I found the questions rather bothersome. But, I do undestand that


it is difficult to measure depression without asking alot of questions about it .


I have been lax in connecting on line. because work has been getting crazy for me. I also had to spend hours istalling


a new wireless router and figuring out how to use a new computer. I have installed some new games on the new computer and I nee to


learn the games so that I can teach William how to play them. All of this new technology is messing with my free time. I am not very good


and spend hours trying to get things to work. The TIRR clinical study should start in January.







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hey Ruth:


Don't be stranger among friends here on SN. & thanks for the update. wish you happy, healthy & Prosperous New year.




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