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your great nieces looks cute, maybe they have gone after you. I never knew you can still knit scarf with one hand wow. Leah I know when you are in pain it's easy to feel depressed. but I have benefitted with this eternal truth "that this situation is not going to last forever, and things will turn around & b better" so don't spend your today feeling sorry & bad for yourself. remember you are stronger than this pain and aches.


have blessed holidays.



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You knit!! How wonderful! The scarves are so cute.

I can understand why you feel depressed. Hurting your ribs and the knee problem can be worrisome.


Take care and feel better soon


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Just give yourself more time to heal cause Santa is coming to have coffee with you while he leaves pretty presents for your little great nieces in the picture.

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It is always good to hear from you...I enjoy your blogs.


The ribs sound painful. I am hoping next year is much healthier for you.


Take care.



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Knitting is a wonderful therapy. I crotchet but always wanted knit. Your great nieces will keep and ware those

scarfs the rest of their years. Keep knitting your beautiful items. It helps keep you positive and joyful.



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I hope you read Fred's post about cinnamon and honey for arthritis. It sounds better than a cortisone shot and less painful.


I am sorry you are hurting. It seems to take us longer to heal as we get older.


I would like to try knitting, but I can't remember how to cast on. It has been a few years since I knit anything. I had an offer of help on Thanksgiving and I think I'll take her up on it. I could knit scarves for everyone in my family which would keep me off the streets.


I hope you have a glorious Christmas.



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