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AZ Leah


Thanks friends for all your comments. First of all I am VERY grateful to have the use of both hands and all fingers. When I came out of my coma I couldn't lift my hands. Things gradually got better and I had a lot of occupational therapy and played with putty a lot. I hadn't knit in years so taught myself all over again. (PS: you can do it Vi)


The knitting has been therapy for me both physically and emotionally. My ribs are better and I'm hoping to start exercise later this week. I did 10 min on the recumbent bike yesterday and did a few arm free weights (2#) ... so it's a start. I have to remember to rest every 10 min or so ; when I am energized I can get on a roll and forget to rest!


So much for being a type A personality which doesn't exist any more but is still trying. A really good book is "Strong at the Broken Places" by Richard M Cohen about 5 people with different chronic illnesses and how they all cope. Richard himself has MS. A sentence I read about Denise who has ALS which hit me is "Test the illusion of normalcy and Watch Out if you do. Anything can happen, anytime, any place. More to the point, Denise had been trying to do too much at one time and without backup". That is exactly what I have experienced and I know I need to look at my condition realistically and deep-six the illusion.


It's cold in Tucson - 40 degrees - snowed in the mountains - who would have thunk!!




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Leah, enjoyed reading your update. I am going to the library to request the book you mentioned "Strong at the Broken Places." It sounds very helpful.


Tucson is cold at 40 degrees. We were in Pensacola, Florida over the weekend and it was in the 30's there...it's 41 degrees in Ohio today. It is definitely winter, that's for sure.


I always enjoy reading your updates and catching up. Best wishes for a relaxing and pleasant holiday season.



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I love all your blogs. you express your feelings very well. I have read that book. It is very good book. I realized reading that book I have it easy compared to some of the stuff people go through in their life. someone once told me. we all have our crosses to bear. Only god knows that we will be able to bear this cross & go on with our life. it's raining here better than snow.





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You are way ahead of me in using both hands and fingers, man,I'll be so elated when I get to that point in my recovery. All the best to you cause you have had a full plate. Take care!

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