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You Wonder "Why me?"



We have all heard it, Why me? I have said it many times. And i have heard many people say it.


The reason I am writing this blog, Is becuase some people are affraid to hear the thoughts of an average teenager. But i am going to write it here and let people know how i feel.


To me life is amazing. Some people think, "The sooner its over the better" and then there are the optomist who whish they could see into the futre becuase they know what they have is priceless and can never reach you agian. I am the optomist.


I Dont know, today i was just thinking about this subject. I sometimes amaze me becuase i can get the biggest thoughts at the dullest moments.


Thats it for today, lol i hope tomrow i have more to write about.


Peace And Love







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That's the thing about optimists, even if they can't see into the future, they know that whatever happens will eventually turn out OK. Even if it takes a while.


Nice writing Lex, would like to see your poems end up over here too. You can even have different categories. Like Poems, Thoughts, Daily Happenings...you know, stuff. Glad to see you expressing yourself this way.

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Hello and welcome to our blog community,


It's been a lot of decades since I was a teenager, but I kept diaries back then. Every few years, I really enjoy getting out my old diaries out and reading what I was like back when I was your age. Keep writing. It's one of the best things you can do to help yourself with all kinds of things.


I'll enjoy getting to know you. Jean

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you have deep insight for such a young one!!!! your optimism will carry you through MANY a "bump in the road" throughout your life. i wish you my best sweetie.



kim pash.gif

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