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Change in the weather

cheer mama


Hi Everyone,


I haven't been around much lately as I have been living my life as a 5 year survivor (no I didn't restart the clock last year as I had no new deficits). The reason I am writing today is because I just finished a great book. I haven't read a stroke survivor story in a long time. I thought I was past that, but I really liked this one. I thought the message was positive and encouraging. The book is not new it came out in 2008, so you probably already read it, if not pick it up. As you might have guessed by now it is "Change in the Weather" by Mark McEwen.


If you , like me, love to read, but have a hard time holding a book, turning pages, getting to the bookstore or library, please try an "e-reader". I bought myself a "Kindle 2" earlier this year and I love it! It's like a "Ipod" for books. I have also discovered that audio books are wonderful, especially on the "Ipod".


So I guess you want an update. I went to California's wine country last year with my husband's business associates and we liked it so much we went back this year on vacation. I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the weather. I also enjoyed a little wine. We took some tours and we went for a hot air balloon ride! A truly amazing experience.


Earlier this year my daughter and I went to New Jersey to visit my best friend because she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Well, I rented and drove a rental car! Something I thought I would never do again. Of course I had to get it equipped with a spinner knob. It was weird driving in my old home town, but it is amazing how fast it comes back.


I think that's all for now keep your chin up and keep exercising!



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hi Marden:


thanks for update I was wondering about you. seems like you have adjusted well to new you.

that's what we all want. accepting our post stroke life and celebrating all the milestones.





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I, too, have a Kindle (I had the original and now have the 2). I'm in love with it! I just ordered the book you recommended & look forward to a good read.



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