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giving up

doreen payne


since my strokes (dec 08 and march 09) my emotions are affected. I get angry easily and cry at the drop of a hat and stuff like this. it's so frustrating for me and my family.

my mom and daughter - steffi is 18 - blame me for everything. apparently they are not to blame at all. I'm just sick of it and wish they would leave me alone or something. sent steffi to my mom's house tonight cause it was too frustrating. everything can't be my fault.

my family don't care about learning about strokes or anything else. at least Lily still loves me!

Christmas is not helping either. they can just rack off for Christmas too - I'll just eat alone. more peaceful.



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Doreen, I hear you. My hubby did not understand my emotions until two years later he stroked. I thou went to see

my neurologist who gave be and anti-depressant drug. My husbands emotions are like a little child now. But I understand. You are a good person, forgive your mom and daughter for not understanding your illness. Don't

argue with them just agree and they will get tired soon enough not getting your goat.

remember to laugh, Jeanniebean

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I agree with Jeannie. You also need to work on your anger, maybe counting to 10 before bursting into argument. teenage years are hard for teenagers too. So go easy on your daughter too. hope tomorrow is better day for you.



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