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its getting a little easier...



I put him on the side of the bed to practice sitting up. and remembered an exercie from the last rehab when he coudln't sit up ( it is disgusting that he could sit up when he got here and not he can't!!!) he did it and now I got him to sit up for a little bit. I will do it every day and in a few days he will be able to sit up again. i brought him up to the solarium and started some pt and ot with him but he was mostly passive and sleeping. but I did it so he had the limbs moving. maybe if he wakes up in a little bit I'll do some more.


at least he is sitting up ..in the wheel chair. if not for me they would have had him sleeep all day and night as it is easier for them...


13 more days... and he comes come. it has to be easier at home being that a ot and pt and speach will come 3 days a week so that is 6 days I won't have to do these exercies as they will and I'll do them the other days. plus I can train the aid how to care for him to my liking and if not fire her till one comes I like.


i can manage here just fine until then. I just don't know what is going on from when I leave at 9 till I come back again at 11 or 12. i know he is just sleeping but they arn't getting the flem out of him nor are they straigtheneing his legs nor are they cleaning him up as soon as he goes which is why he is getting sores and red on his bottom.. but like I said 13 more days and it saves my back from breaking and my wrist from getting sore. plus my frustration at not being able to lift him myself. etcetc etc.



the women's mother next to leigh has c diff.... he doesn't have it , but now I have to be vigilant that he doens't get it as it is transmitted from patient to patinet by the aids.... oh god another problem I have to ward against.


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Thank you for your prayers. that is helping more than you know. My husband just asked me what is the situation with John, his best freind from the UK and I had to tell him he was not coming.. He said the airfare was too expensive 1600.00 I said do you want me to tell him to come? he shook his head no.. then can I call and tell him what you said.. "what was the situation with John: and he said oK. So i called him and told him I didn't need his money ( he had told me to take 800.00 half of the air fare to take care of leigh) and I left a message on the phone that I didn't need his money I needed him. He is his best freind and he needed him .. we go up to the solarium every night and there is this man who comes to see his best freind almost every night.. and I think that make Leigh think of John and where was he.... John has quite a bit of money and no children or wife so I don't think money should be a stop for him coming. after all he is 85 as is my husband and what is money for if not to do what you want in a time like this..


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hi nancy, i didn't get a chance to greet you on the message board, so i will do it in your blog. welcome to the site, i'm glad you found us but sorry your husband had a stroke for you having to find us. a stroke is a devastating event in everyone's life that has had to go through one. the many emotions and ups and downs in the recovery process is enough to drive you mad. be sure to take care of yourself too because when leigh comes home, the stress and work on you will be never ending. caregiving is a tough job. if you can try to join in the tuesday night caregivers chat to learn and ask questions from other caregivers. maybe his friend john realizes his own morality at his age and its hard to see his friend like this is why he might not be able to come. its sad but alot of survivors lose friends after a stroke for various reasons. the best thing is to keep leigh upbeat as much as you can. he will probably become depressed if he isnt already. i hope therapy will keep him motivated to get better. its alot of hard and repetitive work to build new pathways in the brain to regain what we have lost from our strokes. hubby will be tired from therapy if they work him hard. so its best to let him rest whenever he can, the brain heals itself at rest. leigh is lucky to have you as his advocate for his healthcare. i hope you have a great holiday and remember we are here to help, support and encourage you when you need it. we also will let you vent when you need to. LOL recovery is a long road and it takes time. take each day as it comes. i have you both in my thoughts and prayers. merry christmas to you and leigh. i wish you both the best.

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Thank you for your post.. I just found 2 large ?blisters? on his penis.. I called the nurse and she took 10 mintues to come but she said she didn't know what it was. I asked her to call the Dr. and she said there was no dr. but I told her the Administraor said to me there is always a dr in the building.. so she is now calling the head nurse.... but I am worried. HOW COME I HAD TO FIND IT why did no one find it and treat it?????

oh no another problem. but at least I found it and now will do what ever I can to find out what it is and how to treat it and how it came to be there.


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You are his advocate. I was told when my husband was in the hospital that they (the nurses or doctors) would not look at at his bottom or parts that would be difficult to see without extra effort. They were correct. I would turn my husband and make sure that he was not getting sores and that he was clean. I found a fungal infection in his mouth. They were not checking his mough!!

If you have the MD make a notation in his charge that he is ordering your husband to be turned and cleaned etc. Then it will get done. IT has to be in the form an order from the doc.

Home is the place to be. The hospita is hard. One day I came and found my husband sort of hanging out of bed.


It gets better jut keep up the good work. I wish that time flies and you get home soon.


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Thankyou for your comment.. 6 more days and he will be home.. They ordered a devise to put betwen his legs so they don't constricture. He was up yesterday when I got there at 11 first time that happened. I watch for everyting as i don't want problems when i come home. We went to get a mri yesterday so maybe the dr will take him off the seizer med which the dr said on Monday were possibily causeing him to sleep.

I can't wait to have him home,

They have notations in the chart to turn and do other things, but two days ago when they had in his chart they were to put cold compress on his penis due to a blster there. they said they did it at 2 and I was there from 11 -8 and no one did it. so they lied and entered it when they didn't do it. It is a short term rehab. and they are nice but they don't do what they are even supposed to do in the orders.

We have assess a ride which is great. they come in a van and take you where ever you want to go in new york in the wheel chair and it costss 2.25 cents. Nancy 6 more days... and he will be home

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I'm glad to see you are blogging and seem to have some idea of what to expect when Leigh comes home. I've been thinking about you knowing he's due to come home next week. I will keep you in my prayers and please remember that we are always here whenever you need us.




Maria :mwah:

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Thank you Maria

It is good to hear from you.

I am eligible this friday but since it is a holiday I'm not certain it will happen on Friady but soon after if not. I have been counting the days. He has woken up more now when he is awake and that is good. He can speak when someone calls and I put the phone to his ear. he attempts to talk and can say a few words and they hear him. I cna't understand all that he says as he talks very low but I can make out some of it. I just can't wait for him to come home . I have been doing my own pt with him as they stoped it at the re hab due to his sleeping when they are working. He can raise a one pound bar and can throw a ball but he can't move his legs more than an inch. That I will have to work on with the pt when he comes home. I've been doing range of motion on him also but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly so I have to get the pt and ot to show me exactly. We had a mri last week on thursday so maybe today the Dr will read it and let me know what he thinks and see if he takes him off the anti seizure med kepra he is taking which can also cause sleep. He asked me if the car was ready and I said you are in a short term rehab and we will be coming home in a few days.

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