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I went shopping yesterday. I bought the curtains for the bay window alcove. I got a tension rod( that is for a bathroom) not sure of the measurements....... yeah yerah, I know, the price of curtains I should have measurements first... but I'm winging it. What I bought were two white crispy looking sheer panels, then I bought a white sheer window scarf to drape along the top. I thought that would be a good summer look and I'll have to add some colored panels come fall. I think in the past I've watched too many Christopher Lowell shows, all I could think of was "Drama" Ha! It will be fun. Now I just need to get in there, I'm getting impatient. I hate a buildup before I do things, I just want to do and deal with it.


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Pam - I was at Joanne Fabrics today - I hope you have them in NY - They have a 60% off sale on the cutest white lace table cloths in all sizes! Some have like an organza edge, some have a crocheted border - They'd be perfect for your nook - ! The sale only lasts until Monday if you can get there - you'll love it! I went there to get a button believe it or not, I had no idea they had finished home stuff!


I forgot to tell you - the table cloth that I bought for our little kitchen table only cost $3.00! I couldn't buy one at Wal-mart for that price!! and heaven knows I could make one for 32 bucks - lol



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