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My lil "Harley Boy"



I wanted to give tribute to my Harley Boy. Tomorrow the Vet will come to our home and assist that he will be free from all of his pain. My heart is so broken but I know we are doing the best for Harley Boy.

He has been the center of our "universe" since I came home from Rehab in 2004.

He has been going down for a while and my Birthday, December 26th, it all came to a head. Gosh, what a Birthday. But, maybe it is Harley's "Birth" to a pain free life. The Vet Assistant came over today to check the situation out and she said it is the best thing to do. She knows Harley very well and loves him and it broke her heart as well. She agreed that ever since his surgery he has gone down hill. Believe me, if love could save him, he'd be here forever.


I have done my share of crying and I just have wanted to be by him the whole weekend. My life is going to be so empty without him. But, I have so many wonderful memories of our life together.

I wanted to share the entry that I had written about him and shared in our SN creative writing issue a few years ago. It was truly written from my heart.


I thank GOD for the gift of Harley. I have learned so much from him and I thank him for all he has done for me and my stroke recovery. He won't be gone for he lives in my heart and soul. I have a special Guardian Angel watching over me.


These pics were taken about a year or so ago. He looks so good in them. This is how I want to remember him looking. He was a cutie pie that is for sure.











Paw Prints


By Jan Johnson




In life you meet lots of different people


Some are trustworthy, Some are kind and sincere


Some have no hidden agenda


While others may have different plans


I have found in my life there is one Four legged fellow


who is so special from all the rest


All he has to do is look into my eyes


and there I find it




Unconditional love, forever love and devotion


The way he tilts his head and moves his ears


to listen to every word I share with him


He looks into my eyes and can see


down to my soul


It is times like that I feel additional


Harley Paw Prints being put on my heart


These Paw Prints will last a lifetime




With each one given to me, our bond


just gets stronger and stronger


He is there when I shed tears


He is there when I share laughter with him


He is there just because he wants to be


He knows I am different from the rest


He sees me in my wheelchair and with


my walker or cane




He knows I must sit in my Lift Chair


None of this matters to him, he could care less


that I am a Brain Stem Stroke Survivor


All he cares about is the love I share with him


There is no greater love than that


Harley is my blessing from Heaven


For you see God sent him to me


Backwards is the word DOG




This is the message sent to me


He was sent from GOD for if I hadn't gone through


this journey, there would be no Harley.[/font]


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Dear Jan, loving prayers coming your way as you go through this grieving period. I have known the same pain having to let go of a beloved pet.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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jan i understand your pain all to well after loosing my stimpy dog last year. they are family and it hurts us just as much. but knowing in your heart you are doing the best thing for him and he would expect you to. that is the worse part of being a pet owner. they dedicate their lives to pleasing, protecting and loving us unconditionally. its so hard to say goodbye. just hold and talk to him and let him know you will see him again at the rainbow bridge after he is well and running and playing again he will be waiting for you. love up on him and let him know the comfort and friendship he gave to you after your stroke. no one understands that more than a fellow survivor. i wish you the best when the time comes and give harley a kiss for me too, i feel like i know him well through you. he will forever be in your heart and thoughts, its hard to say goodbye to a friend. i pray you find the strength to get through this as best you can. when he is at peace, you will be too. the sorrow will lift and the house will be lonely for you. but he is in your heart for evermore. keep his pictures close to you to help ease your pain. i will be thinking of you.

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Jan, I am so sorry. I too have had to go through this loss. He will be forever close in your heart and memories. like Kim.. our furbabies are at the "Rainbow Bridge" (there is a site for pets.. the Rainbowbridge" waiting for us to continue our journey.


Know you ae doing the best you could ever do for Harley.


Besy wishes to you and Waye. Maybe in awhile you will meet a new furbaby to make new memories in your heart,



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