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8:30am Harley Boy made it to the Rainbow Bridge



Wayne and I sat vigil all evening with our Harley Boy. He went over the RainBow Bridge at 8:30am this morning. Thank you to those that have prayed for us .... We truly appreciate your kindness.


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I am so sorry for your loss Jan. I know Harley and you were very close. You have your meories to keep you close to him now. Take care,



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Hey dear Jan I,too know how hard it is to lose a special dog especially when we decide enough suffering we euthanized our 17 yr oldspecial schnauzer cross a few years agoI had worked at the vet clinic we had it done - my daughter held him for the injection - it is so totally peaceful - the decision is the hardest soon you realize how miserable his life had become you'll grieve & cry then finally realize the truth of if you truly love someone you will let him go

Believe me it was much harder on you than him - a true act of love

With sincere sympathy & understanding


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jan, i feel so bad for you, i am so sorry harley had to leave you but you as a responsible pet owner did the right thing. he is no longer suffering or in pain and he left his pawprint on you heart forever. it is such a hard thing to do to let go. but you and wayne had to. he now will rest in peace and will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. you will grieve and cry like susan said. but your pain will ease as days past by. try and get some rest and calmness back into your life, i know how stressful this can be on a survivor. i have had to do it twice since my stroke. its never an easy decision to make nor a pleasant thing to do, but harley couldn't commit suicide to get his suffering over with, but he knew the love you had for him and the best care all of these years that you gave him, you would do the right thing, and you did. bless you for being a great mom to harley boy.

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hey Jan:


I just came back from our vacation. I thought often about you while driving to NC & watching sunset on chesapequa bay. I am really sorry for your loss. I know Harley meant lot to you and Wayne and it must be very hard decision, but it was in best interest of Harley. I bet he left ton of memories of him in your h.eart. I still remember him playing in the snow just last year. but I am sure you will be reunited again with him on rainbow bridge. you and Wayne in my thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.




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Jan my heart aches for you. Gizmo was 17 last October. For a Shih Tzu that is Acient of Days. We do love him so and 3 times for sure we should of called the vet but he rallied. God Bless and keep you Tender Hugs and quiet understanding Love Karen

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