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I'm trying real hard not to reflect on the past year, but to look forward to a more productive and positive new year with much more "ME" time!




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Sue, I am thankful for the times you "fly" into my home. You have such a gift in expressing yourself and your writing skills are superb!


Together we will enjoy 2010 and live each day to its fullest.

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i must tell you, every time i read your blog entries i am always reminded of the goodness that comes through people such as yourself.

along with all of the other "titles" you have, which you list in this entry, there is one that, to me was glaringly missing...

you forgot to list the one that myself, and i am sure many others see, and that is the part of you which wears so well the title of part "angel".


truly an inspiration.


In Friendship,



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We often have to wear many hats... but they are worn with love. This shows through you Sue.. Love does not meaning never getting, tired, frustrated ..or wet.


I can understad having 2 & 3 yr olds may be out of the picture for a bit.. but as they grow older they will be like Tori, where they will amuse themselves and can stay for visits again.


You are such a Special Dear Friend to all who know you. I often get a different perspective on things when I read your Blogs. You will never know how much your wisdom and writings will mean to so many.


I am sorry we had to meet in this manner; but I am so Happy for Knowing You


love n hugs, Bonnie



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I love reading your hearfelt messages. Thank you for being me frien. When we start to travel again. I am putting Australia at the top of our places to go list.

Thanks for taking the time to visit me via the computer.


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Happy New year to you too. I am so glad like an angel you have flied in my blogworld. I have learnt so much from your truthful blogs. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.





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Sue You never cease to amaze me Hugs to you my friend one thing that I know is a constant in my world is that you are such an inspiration to us all survivor and caregiver alike. Happy new year Hugs to you Karen

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