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getting inspired



Where do you get your inspiration?


I think this is a good question. It has been something I have wondered at all my life. I know where I get my inspiration, it is from the people around me. It is as if there is a vast pool of


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I love Eric's wisdom & philosophy. mine is bit different, I don't like to plan excessively or worry about things. Since if I plan too much then I don't enjoy the process & get disappointed when thing wouldn't go my way. I like to believe whatever is happening in my life is for my good, even though I don't see it now.




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I agree we have a vast pool of goodness at our disposal. that is beautiful.


I Enjoyed chat last week.




WE discussed miracle in bible study yesterday. Inspiration is a mircle.

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I go through those waiting times too. Sometimes I keenly recognize that one of these days Dick will not be with me. At times it sounds somewhat of a relief to just have it overwith but more I feel that the void in my life will be unbarable. Then I step back and try to focus on the here and now and not the what if. Yep it is coming but I don't want to miss today with what may not come for a while.

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