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biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif We are so enjoying our new van. The other on was a disaster and I was so tense not knowing whether the door was going to work or not and whether the ramp would come down and if it came down - would it go back up. I finally contacted the company I bought it from and they agreed to buy it back for what I paid them for it. Surprise surprise surprise. bouncesmile.gifbouncesmile.gif I bought one that is a factory conversion and is it ever nice. There is even a magnetic eye in the passenger side rear light that will open and close the door from that angle. It also has a remote button that will open and close it. Also a remote for the rear door. The inside is much nicer than the other one. Doesn't look so much like a commercial van. We are so pleased with it. cloud9.gifcloud9.gifcloud9.gif


I am so tired of putting up with his aide doing nothing but playing on the computer, sleeping or watching TV. Today, I pointedly told her that I had been doing laundry all weekend and there was still a hamper full of Hans' things to be done - did she touch it in the three hours she was here? NO Oh, well, at least I got my aunt to Wal-Mart for her weekly shopping spree. She is 92 and loves to go but doesn't drive too well any more so I try to set aside at least one of my days that the aide is here to take her where she wants to go. My Dad will take her but he hurries her and wants to go get what is on her list and bring it to her but this denies her the pleasure of looking and touching everything.


Hans' stroke has really changed our lives - drastically. If I out live him, I wonder what I will do with myself when that time comes. My whole like has revolved around him and his needs for so long now. I am quilting again and have one up that I have to finish by next month. It is relaxing and fulfilling for me.


Since Thursday, we have had a good week and nothing outstanding happened. After the seizures last Friday and the hassle of getting the new van on Wednesday and the trip to Dallas to the Cardiologist Wednesday afternoon, I welcome the quiet uneventful days.


We continue to pray for everyone on this board and the problems and the good things that are happening. A problem shared is divided and a happiness shared is multiplied. I really believe this and try to do that.


On to fixing supper now. waycon1.gifwaycon1.gifwaycon1.gif

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I am so jealous of the van. I'm glad you were able to get it. I do have to say though, that the magnetic eye comment gave me some nasty visuals (pardon the pun). Does it wink?

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