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Sunday...sleepy at church



William was tired at church. This is a first. he has never been tired at church. This is the result of getting up every 1-1/2 last night. I don't know why he had to pee every 1-1/2 all night long. We have nights like that every so often. This means that neither one of us got much rest.


At the beginning of service, William lets me know that he now need to go to the restroom. I ask if he has to go now. He says no. But, I know better. WE need to go now. So, I quitely take us out of service. WE sit right up front. Anyway, I make it to the restroom and we manage fine. I tried to explain to William that when this happens and he is with a caretaker he needs to tell the caretaker to take him immeidately. It takes awhile to get to the restroom and then get positioned into the little stall. Everything take more time if you are in a wheelchair. I told him that it was lucky that we did not wait until the service was over. Then the pathways are clogged with people visiting and using the restroom. We would never have made it in time. It is best to use the restroom while every body is busy in service.




We went to Sunday school next. But, William kept nodding off.


On the way home. he told me that he could not go to the pool immediately. I told him that we would take the day off. It is very gray outside today. Right now, william is sleeping. i came home and gave him lunch, pizza and lemondae.




We played bridge last night. William did so well. He did much better than I did.




I found someplace for William to walk at the YMCA. Outside one of the buildings there are rails along part of the sidewalk. this acts like parrallel bars. I had William walk up the slope using the rail and walk back using the rail on the other side. It was funny. I said that i had to stop by the store and William wanted to go with me. He asked me to go and get the motorized buggy and hge would follow me in the store.




He really did have a big day yesterday. He will need a day of rest today.






I learned about wheelchair clinics at TIRR on Friday. The wheelchair clinic will help get William fitted. I saw a number of stroke patients with arm platforms on the wheelchair. I had not seen those before. I will call on Monday and ask the Doctor for an order for the clinic.


I like the walking sticks also.




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