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3 weeks of Lokomat



I went with William yesterday to lokomat. But, it was not the best day. the day before he had a grreat day. Perhaps it was because i was there. William decided to be argumentative. this does not work with therapist. I must say that his therpaist handled it very well.


William is going at 2MPH for about 15 min and putting more pressure on his legs. He is complaining that the harness is squeezing hisballs. It is rather uncomfortable to say the least. He has two day to recover. he tells me that the therapist is crushing his balls. This is literally.




This morning we have been up and have not used the wheel chair once. He got up and walked to the bathroom. With assisstance. Then we walked to the living room and had breakfast. The kitchen is a mess. I had a leak under the sink and everything is all over the floor. hence breakfast in the living room.We have friends coming over tonight to play some bridge. This has William in a tither. He wants to review bridge. He hasn't played in over a year. Neither have I. But, we are just doing this to help his mind start to get into gear.




William said that his spirits were lifted because of what we had done this mornng.




Yesterday, we went to therapy early. aN 11am APPOINTMENT. this means that we leave the houst at 9:30AM. William says that he is nervouse with my driving. We have therapy and then I take him to the YMCA for a walk in the water. I tell him that it will make his muscle feel better and his groin. It does the water acts like a massage. Next we head off to Sweet tomatoe and have lunch. i had promised William lunch out today. We are both starved. He eats his entire salad and tries 2 different types of soup. I give him some icecream with caramel topping and nuts. He really enjoys the strawberry lemonade.


We finally get home .. 4PM. it seems that once i get William out of the house we are gone for 6-7 hours. We settle in to watch the olympics. But William falls asleep. He goes to bed early.


This morning at 5AM. William is up and wants to get started. This is my one morning to sleep beyond 6AM. I plead...please not until 7AM. I give in and get him up and going.


Now it is 8:30AM and guess who is sleeping??? yes, William. I am up cleaning up and blogging.


Next on the agenda is the pool. We need to build up endurance walking. I have started to try to walk in the shallower water. This puts more pressure on William's legs. yesterday there was no wet suit. I forgot it on purpose. It is too hard to put on.


I need to take William to have his glassed adjusted today. They keep sliding down his face. So perhaps after the pool we will do that and have a What a Burger. The burger joint is right next to the glass place.


William was sondering whether the regular therapy would have been better than the lokomat. The difference. He would het an hour of therapy. The lokomat gets you about 30-35 min. It take along time to get harnessed in.




The harness is uncomfortable on the groin and legs. But, it has helped with his gait. We used the AFO this morning. I had not been using it.


To another great day with me (William's best caretaker).



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