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Lokomat 12 days of therapy



the Lokomat is truly an experience. I cannnot believe how fast time has flown. 12 days of therapy. We have devised leg wraps for Williams


legs. I have cut the feet off a couple of pairs of socks and use them as layers under the long sock. He has 3 layers protecting his legs from


the straps that hold his legs in. I have suggested that he not hold on to the bar. The Lokomat suspends you in the air and holds you


upright ...there is no possiblity of falling. He is 1.86 miles per hour. Once he reaches 2 miles per hour they will increase the weight or


decrease the guidance. I did not go today. So I do not know the figures. I drive William to therapy tomorrow. I have the day off. yesterday


when (or rather Monday) when they tried to bump him up to 1.93 his foot kept stopping the machine. The therapist said that it was the


knee of the weak leg. Maybe extra tone on Monday.


I am so forturnate to have friends from church help with the transportation. It is an hour to get there and then they stay for an hour of


therapy then an hour drive to our house then an hour back to their house. I am blessed. All of this on top of work would be tiring for me.


I cannot ask for better friends. I am anxious to hear what happened at therapy.


I have tried to help William walk a little more in the house. But, it is alot of work to help support him.


Last night William said that he is getting tired of this therapy. I told hiim that this is one of the best things that we can do right now. He


just has to work hard. I am emphasizing the brain muscle connection. I tell him to really concentrate. I need the brain to rewire and talk to


the leg. Then I remind him about shoulders back and pelvic tilt. I am worse than a therapist.


Well I shall update tomorrow when i see for myself.





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I am glad that you are pushing William for this therapy. I feel if you are able to walk its such a huge blessings for family members. you are indeed blessed to have wonderful friends who will help you out in transportation.




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