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Spring is upon us, let's get out the house



Well my dear members, it's high time we get out the house, let our feet hit the ground or the pavement. Walk in the grass, walk all around the house, see some parts of it you haven't seen since the snow covered everything. See if it's time for a new roof, siding, replace the garage door, springs or get a new remote opener.


I plan on putting down the weed-B-gone and round-up along the fence line to kill the winter weeds. The ant mounds gotta be treated too. Secure all the fire wood you got left that you didn't burn in the fireplace in a big plastic container. That cuts down on any termites destroying your house if they happen to be in that wood. Make sure the fireplace damper is closed up so you don't lose air conditioning. Put more sealing around the doors and windows if needed.


I got a lawn man and he'll do most of these tasks for me but it's fun to be outside watching, supervising, it's my money. I got to put down more stepping stones near my air condition unit so I can get my scooter around to that side of the house without getting stuck in the very soft ground.


Even if you don't do all the work, being outside will be a good feeling for your body and feet. Make sure you got your cell phone in case you fall you can call! I'm going to try walking outside without my cane. In my mind, I feel I can do it. So I plan on being a busy body, I'll even try to trim the hedges with both hands. If that doesn't work, I'll use the electric one.


I guess all that is called Spring clean-up. My little 5-year old gran daughter hasn't mentioned the garden yet but it's time to start the tomatoes and flowers for sure.


Well that's enough to keep me busy and walking for a while. Hope your Spring gets off to a great start, just be careful in all you do inside and out. :unsure:

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