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April Showers, May Flowers and Gardens



A great time of year, especially since it was record snow and now record rain and flooding in the north eastern states. Maybe we will get an early start on flowers and gardens this spring and summer. I realize many of you love to grow things, feed the birds and go fishing and camping.


I miss my motor home for that purpose, camping out, getting away from it all. This time of the year does make you miss what you can't do physically anymore like you once enjoyed doing them. Nevertheless, we can still do, just on a smaller scale. Gardening will surely have us using our weak hand and side.


When the sun is out it's very hard to stay inside reading, just seems like the outdoors is calling our names. I bet with the record snow, many of us stayed inside and are now ready for the outside.


I'm looking forward to cookouts too in the yard along with gardening. I like to see things grow and my little grand daughter does too. If there is too much rain and showers, the mosquitoes will try to haul us away and interrupt our joy.


Aside from staying home, getting out and making some "members meeting members gatherings" would be a lot of fun and travel to see how others are coping with their disabilities.


Well, those are my plans for spring and summer all the while trying to recover a bit more from my stroke. All the best to everyone for a great start to this time of year!! Be safe, have fun, it's your life! :D

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I was looking out into the yard this morning. Bruce was at therapy with a CNA, so it was one of my two mornings off. It was a horrid four days, rain and more rain. The flooding here in CT was pretty extensive, but I guess Rhode Island was worse. I opened all the windows, did some quick housework and then off to the yard. Funny how being out there and working makes you almost forget that your whole life has changed. The Forsythia are in bloom and the crocus. The Daffies and Tulips are coming up and I think the Butterfly bush has already sprouted - early for that. Yes, the Goddess has again reminded us of rebirth and for that we are all thankful. Debbie

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