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No Gardening this Year



Many of you know last year I did a brand new garden with my 5-year old grand daughter. Well, this year she has gotten over the excitement of putting a seed in the ground and watch it produce tomatoes, vegetables and flowers. She'll be 6 soon and her attention has turned to classroom stuff, writing, reading and playing music. She loves to hear Beyonce sing and dance. She did really good with her Easter speech in the school play, she wanted to do the Bunny rabbit dance too but they told her next year. She will get promoted to second grade this year. She's excited!


I just finished taking the garden fence down. There were some green onions growing from last year, and some other things I forgot what they were. When the yardman comes this week, he will get it weeded out and ready for some sod grass to make it look like back yard again.


Really, I was glad she didn't want to garden this year, easier on me. Most of her gardening tools, gloves, stool and knee pads are still like new. I did most if not all the work in the garden, can't do that this year, my body says no way Hosea! Even the birds are already back probably looking for the red tomatoes they ate so much of last year.


So, to all you regular gardeners and flower growers, I wish you lots of success in everything you grow this year. After all that record snow in some parts of the country, this summer should be great for gardens. Just imagine, in a couple more months, it will be watermelon time. Most of us need to eat the fruits and veggies. No more strokes! :Nodding: :Starvin:


I got one request!!!! If any of you have success at growing that upside down tomato in the hanging planter...Let me know? I got mine at Walmart last year, cheaper than on line, and they never did grow! Wasted my 9 dollars! I see on TV they are advertising them again this year already. Nobody around here had any luck growing them either. It may be a rip off? Let me know, OK?


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seems like now you need to read lot of storied to your granddaugter, and for you maybe start indoor gardening if you are interested.




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Who knows Fred maybe next year she'll change her mind. You never know what they'll come up with next.



Bruce Schwentker

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I am trying some tomatoes plants in our little yard.

If I get any tomatoes. i will share. I am still trying hard to get William into walking.


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Fred I got our hanging tomatoe thing at Lowes and I think it was $12 something as I got the tomatoe plant and the hanger on the same day. We had a bumper crop compared to yours...with ours we had 2 tomatoes and a small tomato. Not even tasty!!! I am not doing it again I am going back to the traditional way of growing a tomatoe. I have the plants bought and Grandpa Bill and me and Kaylee are going to do the planting on Sunday afternoon. I am going back to the traditional way as I dont want to disappoint my darling Kaylee. The main thing she is so excited about is we planted a new tree last year and it has grown to beat the band and I also planted Poppys and she helped and Bless her little heart she gets so excited then again She will be 3 in July. I dont know what in the world I will do when these special time start to loose the magic. I still say that Kaylee is the reason I lived. Greg and his wife Cindy were expecting her when I had the brain bleeds. Kaylee and I have such a close bond. I must tell you that I had a friend in Iowa that did the tomatoe upside down planter thing and she really had tomatoe's. She even put up tomatoes. So I wonder if its the size of what you plant in the first place or what the reason is for her sucess and my failure. I noticed they have them now for strawberries and peppers and hummingbird flowering feeders and ones that claim to grow 90lbs of tomatoes in like 4-5 openings I just dont trust that anymore myself. Hugs Karen

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