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My life part 1



I don't have a title yet for my blog. I was advised to keep a journal/blog and thought this may be the best so as I can get support/help from others.


I moved alot during my school years, and then graduated from Somerset High School in Somerset, WI in 1994. From then I attended community college, worked 3-4 jobs at once, dated a guy that ended up being my husband years later. We moved into an apartment and started our adult lives from there.


We married in 1999, and both had very good jobs earning an income that allowed us to enjoy new vehicles, toys and hobbies. In November of 2001, I suffered a severe brain stem stroke due from Fibromuscular Dysplasia, and the doctors believe the high stress life from work helped the disease. November 27, I arrived to work only to lose vision, and throw up. I was rushed to a nearby hospital where they eventually released me for dehydration. WHAT! I couldn't walk and asked for a wheel chair, where they basically laughed but did end up giving me one. My husband brought me home and I went to bed.


The morning of November 28th my husband slept on the couch due to a major snow storm and plowing that morning. My mom called, he answered and came in the bedroom only to find my half on and half off the bed. I guess he asked what I was doing and I said trying to use the bathroom. So he informed my mom I was unable to talk, and helped me to the bathroom. He realized then that something was wrong and called 911. I was rushed to the hospital then.


At the hospital, my husband was informed to call the family because I was not expected to live much more than 24 hours. The hospital I was at could not provide the services I needed so I was transferred to another hospital using life link. After I made it a night in ICU, the doctors then informed my family they did not expect me to live 48 hours, and then as I continued to live they kepted putting expectations for me. After 3 weeks in the hospital and now out of ICU and into a rehad center I attended rehab. I was informed that I may never walk or talk again. I attended Occational, Physical and Speech therapy 2 times a day 5 days a week, there my husband was told by me speech therapist that I may not talk for another 6 months.


After therapy I went to my hospital room. There I guess I decided that the therapist was wrong (I honestly don't know how I did this) but I remembered the house phone number and my husbands pager after 2 months of not using them and surviving a stroke. When I did reach him, I couldn't speak in a loud tone but I wispered "I Love You". He couldn't believe it and questioned "Tonya". He was so excited that he flew to the hospital to be with me that evening.


Let me go back a little, because I wasn't expected to survive and when I did relatives and doctors didn't know the outcome, if I would be in a nursing home or not my parents went to my husband and gave him an out. Meaning they went to him and said they understand if he wants to divorce me. He was so young, 24 years old. His reply was that he wasn't going to do that and he believes in our vows. The nurses were in shocked to see such a young man stand by his wife on a daily basis.


It was in February of 2002 that I was released from the hospital, but continued all therapies at the hospital and then eventually at home until it felt I didn't need them anymore. I began driving in the summer of 2003 and went to work full time in May of 2005. In 2005 was also the year we moved up in the world and bought our first house. It was just a great time for us both. Or so I believed.


As the years went on, and I am sure with the stress of owning the house, the economy, and the lasting effects of the stroke (which weren't too many) our marriage of 10 years, and relationship of a total of 15 years ended as of 3-01-10

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WOW, your stroke was like mine in that I passed out, brain bleed at 11am, wasn't found 'till 330pm. Still didn't get to the hospital 'till around 7pm. I remained in the hospital 4 months, still came home in a wheelchair unable to walk.


Marriage and divorce is a way of life, it happens, it's not the end of the life you got, you will survive. I have 3 times. Keep up the therapies as much as possible, even at home.

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