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Spring Fever



This past Saturday I celebrated my five year stroke anniversary, and it was the first anniversary I chose to celebrate by doing nothing. It seems that I have contracted Spring Fever (the disease running rampant amongst my students) and have lost the motivation to do much of anything. When I awakened on Saturday morning, I was so excited to hear the birds chirping happily outside my window. This was a definite mood booster. When I took my crazy little Gatsby dog for a walk, I noticed that a considerable number of the trees had started to bloom. I love the warmer weather, but I don't love the amount of sneezing it brings. (For the record, I don't like temperature extremes. I am a fall and spring kind of a girl.)


Spring is the most hopeful season. It's a fresh start. It's like a clean sheet of paper in a notebook that has never been opened, and I find that there are very few things that are more rife with undiscovered possibilites than a brand new notebook.


I find that this Spring Fever has accomplished one thing: it has made me more hopeful. I know in my heart that nothing is impossible.


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Spring is in the air and I was ready...Happy 5 year stroke anniversary, from here things get much better, hope is in the air!

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