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It's All About Attitude



This past week was Spring Break, and I spent it on the coast with my mom. As it is about a three hundred mile drive, I see all kinds of different bumper stickers. Some I laugh at, others I sneer at, and others leave me scratching my head. During this trip I saw one that made me worry. It said, "It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you." Please understand, I have always considered myself a realist, and I don't view the world through rose-colored glasses, but things just can't be that bad. I have been through some times in my life when I thought things couldn't get any worse and so I am not trying to say that people aren't having a very tough time right now. I just can't let myself be that...paranoid or that negative. Life is hard enough without adding the stress of anger at the world. I personally find anger to be exhausting, so I often go to great lengths to avoid it.




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I wouldn't worry too much about the bumper sticker you saw. It seems to be a little cynical and a faint hearted way of trying to be funny.


These are tough times, but there is always a silver lining. I always have a positive outlook and I agree with you about anger being a waste of time.


Have a good day.



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Maybe it's the tough times that humans cannot control so people are killing people on purpose at alarming rates these days.


I think it is all about attitudes! Why are people so angry and ready to cut or shoot to kill?? I stay at home to feel safer.

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