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Good Morning 3/31/10



Hello All


I am going to start packing today one box at a time in the garage. I will also do my workouts i have a doctors appointment this morning.


Off to the treadmill to the doctor than to start downsizing to get the new me.


I appreciate the comments from ethyl too it finally hit home to get moving on the packing.






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Hi Kevin, I am not moving, but I am trying to go through the house room by room and "de-clutter" It is just to much time and effort to dust some of the knick knacks. I also read if you have fond memories of something, but not the space to keep it to take a photo of it.


Good luck on the packing.. you will have a head start on it.. and not have to worry at the last minute.





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I agree with Bonnie and I have a lot to do. I have decided to bring in a friend to help me. Physically I am not able to lift, reach, etc. plus someone else not attached to "things" will help me realize how silly it is to keep this or that. Good Luck Kevin.



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Kevin: PS...By The Way, God shows me what "phase" I am in and when it is time to change but I have to ask for daily help for this to happen and then follow through with the footwork.



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