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Nursing Home - Answering Questions



I started answering a comment posted by


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Ruth: what an insightful and emotional response. I am so thankful you decided to share it with all of us. I remember those early questions and the agony of the decision. You showed us your soul and for that I am truely appreciative. Debbie

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Thanks Ruth for the answers, that means so much to me cause we never know what's just over the hill we can't see from here. You are right we just don't know what's up ahead.


My wife is eleven years younger than me, in great health, but only God knows our fate. In fact she had to drive to New Orleans herself to see about her mom having life saving surgery at age 83, this past Wednesday. There are other daughters, but none like her in caring for people including kids.


Her mom was rushed from home into surgery at 4am, she left here at 630am having to drive 525 miles to get there. Thank God her mom is OK now and will be here to see another Easter with her kids.


Our bedroom is set up to support all my needs and I'm so used to my surroundings and grand kid being around me. I'm a happy person!

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