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Easter and Spring are here finally



I have been waiting for this all winter but looking back, where did the time go? I was to have lunch with my Dan on good friday, but for the second time he cancelled on me. This time he had to babysit for a friend. I dont dont know but when I make a commitment nothing short of death or the very least, a hospital stay would stop me from fulfiling that commitment. It seems he makes plans to have lunch with me and if something more interesting comes up or a friend needs him, his plans with me go out the window. I am disappointed but he did say we could still go to lunchat the beginning of the week, so I am waiting for a phone call. I had a little chocolate bunny for him (for old times) I dont know now if I should give it to him as Easter will have passed when I see him. I had a little something for Andre too. Before seeing it was something he liked , he said why do you bother to give me something on a holiday I dont believe in. I told him it was just an excuse to buy a gift. He accepted my explanation and appeciated the gift. Usually my gift is a dinner at the restaurant but we had already agreed that he would take me to a nicer dinner on Mothers day instead and probably by that time we will be able to have that dinner on a terrace. I cant wait. I hope everyone is having a nice Easter. Talk soon,



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Hi MC, I would give Dan the bunny..( unless i got desperate and ate it..LOL). It shows you are thinking of him and your mother's love. I hope he calls early this week and you still have your lunch with him.. :)



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