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Epidural Injection

AZ Leah


I thought I was scheduled for April 9 but I had the epidural injection last Friday April 2. I can feel a difference already, although I'm still on pain meds. Before the injection the pain meds didn't cover the pain in my legs. Now they do. So progress, progress. I slept A LOT since Friday and Jerry said it was probably because my anxiety was gone now. I have to watch out for patience, high expectations and expecting too much too soon (as usual). Now I feel like I have gone over another hurdle. Sessie and Jan, I hope you two are doing okay, as well as everyone else I don't know about.


I have busy week but hope to make chat at least once. Love you all...I think all your prayers have helped me. I pray every night for everyone on the website. Another example for me of working through the pain. Hugs, Leah :friends:

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leah, that is great news, epidurals do help, you can see the difference after just 1, hopefully after a few more you will feel so much better. rest all you can, life is still waiting for you, so no rush to dash to quickly yet to be out in it. give yourself time to heal. take good care and feel better.




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