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AZ Leah


Hi All: We aren't called survivors just for fun. The last blog about our Z3 car accident was lite-weight compared to my recent troubles. The hope-no-hope has been the merry-go-round I have been on lately. I recently had a MRI due to increasing pain in my legs much more severe than neuropathy. The MRI showed spinal stenosis which I knew absolutely nothing about. The short definition is there is a canal which houses the nerves which runs down your spinal cord. The canal splits in two at the base of the spinal cord with a group of nerves, each running down each leg. The canal can become narrow in places. This squeezes (compresses) the nerves which run from the spinal cord down to each leg thus causing the pain I have been suffering. Some days have been so bad I couldn


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Leah, you are making light of what must be terrifying for you. You are a brave woman, I have known that from your blogs. It is not easy to overcome all that life throws at us but you are an overcomer for sure.


Sorry to hear you have been in such pain, I hope there is a manageable solution and you are over it soon. Please do keep us up with what is going on in your life as we DO CARE about what is happening to you.



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Leah, it is good to hear from you. I am like you and have decided it's okay not to be brave all of the time. As you work through this new set of health challenges, please know we are thinking of you.

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Hope is all we got. Use it daily, a little medication, patients and God will handle the rest. I hope the pain goes away and you get back to normal. Be careful however!

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hi leah, bless your heart. your trials keep coming at you but you will get through them. you do everytime. what they are talking about is epidural injections for pain . i used to work at a clinic where we did those all the time, they usually are done in a series of 3 over a certain time period. they do work. we had anesthesiologist's giving the shots. they do a great job, people were able to go on with their daily lives, pain free. i hope these will ease your pain. so you can get back to a better place in your life. we have missed not hearing from you but we now understand why. never give up hope leah. living with daily pain is not an enjoyable part of life, i'm sure jerry understands your moods by now,LOL keep your chin up. better days will come again. sometimes we go forward then take a few steps back and that is ok. we can't control everything in our bodies, leah. we just have to take what comes and deal with it head-on, like you have done so many times before. i know your faith and determination will get you through this set back. so get a smiley on your face and forge ahead. all of us are here and rooting you on. and do love and care about you very much. keep us updated as you can.

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