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Doing Great!



Hello again yall sorry it's been awhile,

I've been dealing with health

issues myself. I am the wife of Woody

and his caregiver. I wanted

to give an update on his progress.


He is doing wonderful, we are praising God for his healing! He's walking

to the store a mile and half from our home. He's walking without his

wheel-chair! His sugar has been fine, and his blood pressure is doing

great, even better than mine! TY for all those who are

praying for us!


Hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend! We did. For

several days we've had spring like weather and lots of sun!

it's starting to feel like summer here in Ga!

He does want me to tell everyone who is trying to recover

from a stroke, Never Give Up, and always try to have a

good fight in you, And keep moving and not stop trying!


Be Patient, It Get's Better Everday!!!!


Thank You!!


From; Susie S.. Ga


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